MAYDÊ offers a series of workshops and trainings, such as in-house trainings, open events or individual coachings.

The trainings will provide effective tools for personal development focussing on the ability of communication and strengthening the awareness of each participant. This leads to harmony within ourselves and with the environment.

Our trainings are organized in 3 phases: (1) free communication, (2) The meta-level,  (3) We are one

Phase 01: Free Communication

We are learning to communicate open and freely with each others. This phase comprises among others:

Body language, voce training, rhetoric, nervousness and speaking in public, theatre techniques, feedback techniques, group communication and moderation, active listening, dealing with conflicts , emotional intelligence

Phase 02: The meta-level

We are getting to know the psychological factors within ourselves which are determining our communication. Some examples of topics are: How to deal with fear and anxiety, belief systems, integrity, solution oriented communicating and acting, knowing our judgements, thinking versus feeling, self-perception, motivation and others.

Phase 03: The we-are-one level

We are getting to know that the "external world" is just a reflection of our inner world. There is no separation. In this phase we are coming to the point of research of consciousness.